Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Question and Answer Style: Rupert Murdoch's Daily only on iPad


Would you buy an iPad just so you could read Rupert Murdoch's iPad newspaper The Daily? Check out Huffington Post's Social Media Editor Rob Fishman's rundown here. (We love Fishman style: "It was almost as if Murdoch and team were willfully ignoring the internet. . .on the social web, the currency of a successful site is the portability of its content. The Daily is just the opposite.")

The app costs $39.99 for a year's subscription, or $0.99 per edition, and was presented this morning at the Guggenheim. No website. No print edition. The dawn of a Jobs-Murdoch, digital journalism empire?

Who's running to the Apple Store? Murdoch announced his target is, um, "Everybody." 

How badly do you want it, starting at the unbelievable price of $499? A penny for your thoughts style.

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