Tuesday, March 8, 2011

City of Dreams Style

The New York team was overjoyed when JBCStyle VP Randy Heil relocated to Manhattan. Still amidst apartment hunting and settling in, Randy allowed Publicity Director Anisha Lakhani to drag him to the Penthouse Terrace of The Crown Building. . . former home to Playboy Enterprises, and now owned by Russian designer, Helen Yarmak, famous for her Rock and Royal furs. . . think luxury minks and sables treated in rock 'n roll, neon hues.

A West Coast lifestyle left behind, a memory of a bleak Russian winter at the apex of the country's economic crisis, and now only a slate sky, slash of skyscrapers, and Central Park unraveling at their feet. Height always lends perspective style.

Randy Heil East Coast Style
Anisha Lakhani and Randi Heil
City paved in dreams style.

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