Wednesday, October 20, 2010

JBCStyle: Frederic Malle Carnal Flower Style

Little red. . . well we don't know what they were exactly, but they looked cool and we're always down for a little Barney's window shopping style. Okay it's us, who are we kidding.

Obviously we had to go inside.

Frederic Malle's perfumes and body lotions are exquisite. Knock-your-socks and get your nose off style. Carnal Flower and Rose upon immediate sniff will replace whatever fragrance you have been loyal to - currently or all of your life. Yes, that's a bold statement, and not said lightly.

The red pellet like objects? A chic new candle line with no labels; perfect for arranging in rows for a splash of color and an infusion of heavenly scent in your home.

Here is Frederic Malle himself, delivering one of the best lessons on perfumery and the art of fragrance:

We always love Barney's, but the Frederic Malle flagship store on Madison is a beautiful salon to visit if you have the time.

We were going to wait till we got home to light it up. . .but JBC already feels like home. Come visit if you don't believe us - you'll never want to leave.

Coca-cola, Quest, WWD, Frederic Malle's Gardenia candle, and the dopest blog online (how fortuitous it's ours!) - -

Home office style.

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