Friday, December 17, 2010

JBCStyle: Top Two Style Secrets Everyone Needs This Holiday Season

Beauty secrets on today. WWD is focused on the plight of the Brazilian blowout.  Sigh. Once again, the secrets of true style are left to us, and once again, like Atlas, we shall bear the burden upon our shoulders. Who cares about makeup and hair - it's Christmas season, and we want to know how to garner poreless skin and get our Ugly Sweater chic on. And Nikki B. (yeah that's a link on her name) just leaked the JBCStyle Secret Cyber Department (a team of minions working out of an undisclosed factory on the Upper East Side) the answer. JSCD response time: nothing short of baller.

After some air-brushing from Lana at Bloomberg, hit up this amazing site and then. . .well. . . it's like SHAMWOW STYLE:

Sweater by Linda Liebler, circa 1995

When you're done wasting time with the amateur style sites, graduate to us.

Laughter eclipses style.

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