Friday, December 17, 2010

JBCStyle: Skid Row and the Top Ten Posts We're Feeling This Morning

If you were born around a certain year, Skid Row's "I Remember You" can still send you back. . . it's inexplicably awesome. We're listening to a little Skid Row this morning and going back to some of our favorite posts. . .it's approaching year end, and even though we're only four months old, we wanted to celebrate the laughs with those of you who have read us from day one - vintage style, and take a little walk down memory lane for those of you who are new, or are just coming today for the first time.

New content is for amateurs who don't know how to reflect (or link).

Skid back, style.

JBCStyle White House Style
Not allowing dogs in your office? Not very patriotic.

JBCStyle Batter  Up Style
Only good bosses put their employees in a cage.

JBCStyle Be Stupid Style
Considering being stupid.

JBCStyle Ann Taylor Reinvents Herself
Ann Taylor does a little rap.

JBCStyle Boys of Summer Style
The hottest boys of summer, in case you missed them.

JBCStyle Most Eligible Men in Fashion Style
Refinery29 follows suit with a "Most Eligible Men in Fashion."

JBCStyle Willie Randolph Style
The legend gives us an exclusive.

JBCStyle Wass Stevens Style
Legendary for being private, he gives us an exclusive into his home and favorite ways to spend time when away from the velvet ropes and the movie screens.

JBCStyle Observing the Pope
The Observer, Kyle Pope, and pretty pink paper.

JBCStyle J. McLaughlin Style
Somebody has to dress the Upper East Side, and now Westport is getting outfitted, too.

I remember you, style.

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